My Skin Care Story

My professional career began many years ago in the field of permanent hair removal known as Electrolysis (the “Un-laser”).  As an Electrologist, I have been conditioned to expect and achieve results from the services I perform.  This mindset has carried over to my work as an Esthetician.  I am dedicated to performing non-invasive treatments that are beneficial to the skin while honoring its integrity and improving its condition. (Note: Esthetician is a fancy word for an individual who has special training in the care and maintenance of the skin.)  I didn’t originally plan to become an Esthetician…

Without giving away my exact age, I will share with you that I am from the generation of women known as “Baby Boomers.”  It was my own skin and its lackluster appearance that led me on a quest for accurate fact-based skincare information. 

One day, when I was in my late 40s, I looked in the mirror — really looked — and discovered fine lines on my face. When did this happen??

I was so busy working, raising my daughters and running a household that I hadn’t noticed.  So like many other desperate women, I raced to the nearest department store and wandered around like a lost puppy.  I was completely overwhelmed and intimidated by the glitzy cosmetic counters and the perfectly groomed saleswomen who worked behind them. 

Thus began my pattern of buying products, using them, not achieving results, and feeling both disappointed and discouraged.  Eventually I realized that the only hope for my skin — short of a facelift or some other invasive procedure — was to enroll in an educational program that would teach me all about caring for my skin. 

Becoming an esthetician was the absolute best thing that I did for my skin!  Not only have I been able to minimize those fine lines and even out my skin tone, my complexion now has a radiant glow.  People often comment about my skin and say that I don’t look my age! 

I have two lovely daughters who are in their early 30s and they have benefited from my knowledge.  Not to mention that they also receive great products from mom that they never pay for!  Most importantly, my girls have an understanding of how to properly care for their faces in order to delay the visible signs of aging. 

Things you should know about me:

  • I am not a risk taker
  • I always read directions
  • I take my responsibilities seriously
  • I continually educate myself

Why did I share these particular traits with you?  Because I think it is important for my clients to know that not only can they rely upon me for solid skincare information, they can also be certain that I will make recommendations for them to the best of my ability.  To keep abreast of new trends, I maintain subscriptions to numerous skincare publications that are credible sources of education in the field of esthetics.  I also attend seminars and classes, bot online and in-person.  And, I’m forever reading books that will further increase my knowledge of the skin. 

For many years, I did NOT sell products at my office because I didn’t feel comfortable recommending products containing ingredients that I didn’t know enough about.  I felt that it was imperative to have an understanding of the various ingredients and their formulations.  As the saying goes, “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” which also applies to the lovely packages that contain skincare products.  Subsequently, I did lots of research on cosmetic chemistry in order to gain a complete understanding of what really works and why. 

I have learned that most products do NOT do what they claim.  Some contain active ingredients that are too large to penetrate the skin while others contain active ingredients that are too low in concentration to be effective.  Other important considerations are protective packaging and expiration dates.  Even within the professional skincare industry, I often encounter products of inferior quality.  Sadly, many of my esthetician peers are either confused by the marketing hype or are more intent on making a quick, easy profit to know the difference. 

The products that I recommend to my clients are the very same products that I use daily on my own skin.  These products are intelligently formulated with excellent delivery systems that allow the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin where they can make a real difference.  In order to represent the line that I distribute, I attend a yearly educational course that requires passing a series of exams. 

If you’re tired of wasting your hard-earned dollars on lackluster skin care products, or you just don’t know what to use, reach out to me for assistance.