Your Skin Remembers

MEMORY – the process of retaining and recalling previous experiences

Your skin remembers…

  • How many sunburns it has endured
  • The times it suffered from aggressive and invasive treatments
  • When an acid peel caused it to become hot and inflamed
  • Etc.

As an esthetician, I have learned that it is essential to treat the skin with kindness and respect. Our skin is so much smarter than we give it credit for.  Advances in science have proven that our skin cells are continually gathering information which is stored in the cell’s DNA. This concept relates to genetic theory of “survival of the fittest” which insures that our bodies adapt to the environment. That is why our skin remembers… so it can adapt in order to protect itself from future assaults.

Today’s women are convinced, by the media, that they must choose aggressive treatments and use harsh products.  They mistakenly believe that causing the skin to be red, raw and uncomfortable with enable them to get results faster.  Unknowingly, they are actually accelerating the aging process.  Think of it this way…a wound is a scar.  The longer the skin stays irritated, the more tissue inflammation and free radical damage that is occurring.

Past history of skin damage begins to show up during menopause when a woman’s estrogen levels are declining.  Prior to this time, our skin “appears” healthy on the surface.  Yet, if you were to view your face under a Wood’s Lamp (a magnifier with a black light), you would be able to see the invisible signs of sun damage and pigmentation.

Invisible Skin Damage = Aging

Fluctuating hormones due to puberty, pregnancy, menopause and stress cause changes in the skin as we age.

You’ll lose about a third of your collagen within the first five years of menopause.  Moisture retention will also decrease, which is why lines become deeper and more visible.  The skin may also develop a transparency that allows capillaries and small surface veins to be seen.


We can slow down and, often times, reverse the damaging effects of skin aggression. Long-term skin health, requires an anti-inflammatory, skin repairing approach.  Best results are achieved with  patience, proper skin care as well as topical and internal nourishment.

I believe in fortifying the skin daily with topical nutrition in the form of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides. With the use of the chirally correct products — young skin will age more slowly — and older skin will begin the process of repair and rejuvenation.

Results DON’T happen overnight!  It’s like weight-loss and muscle toning; these changes demand consistency and dedication to change and improvement. Give your skin time, and the proper tools and ingredients, to correct itself.  It will reward you with a healthy, radiant glow.


  • ONE PART – Quality skin care products containing vitamins (A, C, E) combined with antioxidants and peptides for daily home use.
  • ONE PART – Professionally administered holistic skin care treatments (such as Advanced Microcurrent and LED light therapy) that energize the skin cells to produce stronger collagen and elastin fibers.
  • ONE PART – Adequate sleep, plentiful water intake, physical exercise and adherence to a healthy diet of lean meats, fruits and vegetables

As always, I encourage you to reach out to me with your questions and concerns. I will be happy to help!

Lori Weintraub is a licensed skin care therapist, holistic health coach and a hair removal expert. She offers consultations, exceptional products and hand-holding guidance to help women over 40 regain their youthful glow. Learn more here.

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