Snow White (the Electrologist) and the Seven Dwarf Divas

Snow WhiteThis post is dedicated to all the wonderful women who have visited my office for electrolysis treatments.   You are a great bunch and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with you.

I thought it would be fun to write a parody of the typical personalities that I treat.  Let’s assume that the following Dwarf Divas are having electrolysis on their faces.  Which one are you?  Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below.  Enjoy!

  1. SNEEZEY   This Dwarf Diva has a strong tendency to sneeze whenever I perform electrolysis on the upper lip and/or the center of the eyebrow. “Sneezey-A” emits tiny little sounds from her nose that are barely audible.  “Sneezey-B” is another story altogether.  When this particular Dwarf Diva sneezes, I often fear that all my office essentials along with the wall decor will be blown right out of the room!
  2. TEARY  This Dwarf Diva always has a tissue in hand.  “Teary-A” does a good job of squeezing her eyelids together in order to prevent tears from escaping until our session concludes.  “Teary-B,” on the other hand, has a copious stream of tears which form a little river down her cheeks and threaten to create puddles in her ears.
  3. STOIC  When this Dwarf Diva is on my table, she is as motionless as a statue.  Her breathing is barely perceptible and she doesn’t utter a sound.  I sometimes fear that perhaps she has lost consciousness…or worse!
  4. MONA  This little Dwarf Diva releases a moan, a groan and a chirp for each and every follicle that is treated.  It’s a very entertaining and musical session with lots of body movement on my treatment table!
  5. CHATTY  When this Dwarf Diva is undergoing facial electrolysis, she often pulls away to converse with me.  As soon as I reposition her head, the movement begins anew.  I may not succeed in treating as many of her hairs as I’d like, but the time goes fast as the conversation continues!
  6. RELAX  This Dwarf Diva greatly looks forward to her electrolysis sessions.  She gets to lay down with her feet up while taking a very needed break from the stresses of her day.  She often comments that her electrolysis sessions are “like therapy” as they are super relaxing.
  7. SQUEEZER  My last Dwarf Diva is a major squeezer.  In order to get through her treatments, she can be seen twisting her clothing into a wrinkled mess, squeezing her hands together so tightly that the blood ceases to circulate, or holding some other comforting object that she can manipulate and distract herself with during the session!

There are two honorary Dwarf Divas that deserved to be mentioned here as well:

  • THE COUNTESS This Dwarf Diva spends her session counting each and every hair that is treated!
  • EARS  As the name suggests, this little diva begs me to distract her with stories about my  life.  No doubt, she knows most (if not all) of my secrets!
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