January Special Offer


For the month of January, you are invited to experience this warm, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment without cost or obligation.  Simply email or phone the office to schedule a complimentary 30-minute light therapy appointment (a $35 value).

For more information, CLICK on the following link: Your Skin Will Love the Light.  It will answer ALL of your questions and you’ll be able to view some BEFORE and AFTER photos.

NOTE:  Clients must arrive at the office with clean, make-up free skin.  (Surface products will deflect light away from the skin.)  This treatment will take place in the waiting room as a “no frills” service.

*Offer limited to present clientele only!

Lori Weintraub is a licensed skin care therapist, holistic health coach and a hair removal expert. She offers consultations, exceptional products and hand-holding guidance to help women over 40 regain their youthful glow. Learn more here.

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10 thoughts on “January Special Offer

  1. Lori,
    I am very interested in this? I am a little skiddish about everything as I had a melanoma on my back removed a couple of months ago but if it is safe, I am interested.

    I also need to make an appointment for electrolysis treatment. What is your availability in Bellmore?

    Happy New year.

    1. Hi Joyce! For your own peace of mind, I suggest that you contact your dermatologist for approval. I’ll phone you soon to discuss scheduling the electrolysis appointment. Happy New Year to you, too!!

  2. Hi Lori,
    Happy New Year! I saw my rheumatologist and he said the light treatments would be okay for my skin. Could I schedule a facial and then light treatments to follow?
    Love the wedding photo!

    1. Hi Karen! I’m so glad that your rheumatologist approved the LED treatment, especially since you’re skin was glowing after your first treatment! I’ll call you to discuss availability for the facial with the complimentary light session. xoxo, Lori

  3. Hi Lori. I would love to try this therapy. Do you have any Saturday appt. available. Can’t believe you used your snow day to do this. When do you relax!!!

  4. Definitely would like to make an appointment for this light therapy. I know you only offer services you feel are safe. I’m free most Thursday evenings so I’m sure there’ll be some week this month that will work out.

    1. Hi Diana – I’m glad you reached out. And, yes, you are correct that I only offer completely safe and holistic services for the skin. I will phone you to discuss an appointment for the light treatment. 🙂

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