Beauty Secret Warning

What originally began as a beauty secret in the modeling industry is now all the rage with reality stars, Hollywood celebrities and the general public.  Makeup artists, also, routinely encourage their clients to have this procedure.  Wondering if you should do it?  Read on…

It’s called DERMAPLANING and it is essentially a form of shaving!  And everyone knows that a woman should never shave her face!!

Dermaplaning is an esthetic service that serves to deeply exfoliate the skin.  It is performed with a scalpel which gently sloughs off the superficial top layer of the epidermis.  In addition, the action of the scalpel against the skin will result in the removal of all the fine peach fuzz hairs that exist on the face.   Since makeup artists love the smooth surface for the easy application of foundation, etc., they are very much in favor of this but don’t understand the repercussions.

Before undergoing this service, many women ask if their fine facial hair will grow back more abundantly.  They are told that this is “merely an old wives’ tale” and that the hair will grow back exactly the same as before the procedure.  Absolutely not true!  Those fine little hairs will eventually be stimulated to grow back darker, longer and denser.  As an electrologist, I’ve seen this scenario all too often when women shave, wax and thread their faces.

Many years ago, I performed electrolysis on a beautiful young woman who had been a fashion model as a teenager.  Her face was shaved repeatedly in order to obtain the smooth, polished look that her photographer and makeup artist wanted.  As a result, she experienced a huge increase in growth all over her face and needed extensive electrolysis treatments to eradicate it.  More recently, I am seeing a number of new clients who have had dermaplaning and are now also plagued with an abundant amount of visible hair growth over their entire faces.

Please DO NOT believe everything you read on Internet, Facebook, or in beauty magazines.  Trust the words of this experienced hair removal specialist (me) who has witnessed firsthand the frustration, confusion and desperation of women who deal with embarrassment of unwanted hair growth.  If you are intent on getting a peel, seek an alternative treatment!

Lori Weintraub is a licensed skin care therapist, holistic health coach and hair removal expert. She offers online consultations, skin care lessons, products and hand-holding guidance to help women over 40 regain their youthful glow. 

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8 thoughts on “Beauty Secret Warning

  1. It seems the cosmetic/aesthetic industry relies on the “desperation” of some women to attain that “smooth surface” – the porcelain look – who will only be too happy to jump into a procedure that gives them what they want in the here and now.

    How refreshing that you should shed light on the reality of the situation, and how fortunate that you are there to offer alternative solutions for those who desire it.

    1. It has always been my goal to provide women with honest, accurate information. There is so much misinformation and deceptive marketing in the beauty industry.

  2. yikes! thank you for the always-welcome alerts, lori. i’ve never considered any type of procedure, but as time goes on (and my skin continues to change), i sometimes read about them (in my radar, i guess). i still haven’t had anything done (it seems as if you always hear afterwards why you should NOT have). i’d never heard of dermaplaning before. of course, after reading this (especially about “the frustration, confusion and desperation of women”), i certainly will know to stay away.

  3. Many years ago I Iearned the hard way by removing a few hairs on my chin by razor which then grew like a beard. Thank God for Lori. I have no hair (of any type) on my chin anymore. I have learned the hard way but luckily found Lori. I would never attempt to do something else about hair removal unless I spoke to you first, not just an expert but truly honest as well.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jeanette. It’s unfortunate that so many women make mistakes when it comes to hair removal. So glad that you are happy and hairfree!! xoxo

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