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Tanned Skin is Damaged Skin

Tanned_Skin_is_Damaged_SkinSpring is here which means that summer sunbathing is just around the corner. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit the beaches.

There is no such thing as a healthy or safe tan. Any change in the color of your skin after sun exposure (whether sunburn or suntan) indicates damage from UV rays. Plus, sun exposure is known as the primary cause of premature aging!

UV radiation is a carcinogen.  It causes mutations to your cell’s DNA.  In order to prevent cancer from developing, the body must repair the damaged cells before creating new ones.  When the skin is exposed to excessive amounts of UV radiation (due to frequent sun or tanning bed exposure), the body can’t fix the mutations fast enough and skin cancer can develop.

If you’d like the golden glow of tan without exposure to damaging UV radiation, consider using a sunless tanning product.  Avoid tanning beds and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen as a part of your daily routine.

Proper Facial Cleansing is Your Foundation for Healthy Skin

integrative_skin_care_facial_cleansingIt’s easy to take facial cleansing for granted since it seems like such a basic step, but proper cleansing is the foundation of healthy skin.

For the best results, use a precleanser as the initial first step to be followed by a double cleanse twice a day. Precleansers contain non-greasy, micro-processed oils that function as a light solvent. It may seem odd or even contradictory, but since oil attracts oil this is a great beginning to the cleanest skin.

Start by using the precleanser undiluted on dry skin. Pay extra attention to areas of congestion and oiliness. Next, wet your hands with water and work over the skin to emulsify it. The precleanser will break down oil in the skin and then the water will break down the precleanser. Rinse thoroughly with warm (not hot) water and follow with a second cleanse using your preferred gel or cream cleanser.

This process should be done twice a day, morning and evening. The first cleansing will loosen the oil and dirt; the second one will remove any remaining residue. Gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

Never use body soap as it is quite alkaline and contains strong surfactants. If you prefer a bar, only use one that is formulated specifically for the face.

Welcome to Better Aging

welcomeWelcome to the brand new blog of Integrative Skin Caring hosted by Lori Weintraub,
licensed skin therapist and holistic health coach.

I’m new to the “world of blogging,” so please bear with me as this site is under construction and will be improved in the coming weeks and months. Most importantly, a blog is about content. It is my goal to provide you with solid fact-based information so that you’ll be able to properly maintain and care for your skin.

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