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Avon, Arbonne and Wrinkles

Skin CareI have been approached numerous times to join forces with multi-level marketing (MLM) companies such as Avon, Arbonne, Mary Kay, Nerium and the like.

Many years ago…

One day, I was especially intrigued by a caller who wanted “to share a new and exciting opportunity” with me.  She felt it would be a “great fit for your business, since you have a female clientele.”  So I decided to remain open-minded and scheduled a meeting with the woman and her supervisor.  (At that point in time, Arbonne was a new and virtually unknown company.)

These ladies were quite animated, enthusiastic and dedicated to the growth of their line. They were especially interested in getting me on board so that I could introduce my clients to the company’s products.  At the conclusion of our meeting, I was given samples from Arbonne’s skin care line.  I must admit that they smelled very nice and I really did like them!


I didn’t know the first thing about skin care (back then).  How could I suggest products to clients when I didn’t understand ingredients and their effect on the skin?  I have always prided myself on conducting my business with integrity and serving the needs of clients with honesty and knowledge.  For that reason, I politely declined any involvement in Arbonne as well as other similar companies.

Several years went by…

One day, I looked in the mirror — really looked — and discovered that there were visible fine lines on my face!  When did this happen??  I was so busy working, raising my daughters and running a household that I hadn’t noticed. I raced to the nearest department store and wandered around like a lost puppy, intimidated by the glitzy cosmetic counters and the perfectly groomed saleswoman standing behind them.

It was my own skin and its lackluster appearance that led me on a quest for accurate fact-based skincare information. 

Thus began my pattern of buying products, using them, not achieving results, and feeling discouraged and disappointed. Eventually, I realized that the only hope for my skin — short of a facelift — was to enroll in a professional program that would supply me with the tools and understanding to address my own skin issues.

ESTHETICIAN (noun): A licensed professional who has received extensive training in the care and maintenance of the skin.

Becoming an esthetician was the absolute best thing that I did for my skin!!  Not only have I been able to minimize those fine lines and even out my skin tone, my complexion now has a radiant glow.  People often comment that I have great skin and that I don’t look my age!

Here’s what I’ve learned…

  • Most products do NOT do what they claim
  • Some contain active ingredients that are too large to penetrate the skin
  • Others contain ingredients that are too low in concentration to be effective
  • Protective packaging and expiration dates are important considerations
  • Inferior products contain fillers and skin irritants
  • You CAN’T believe everything you read on the Internet or in beauty magazines
  • Even within the industry, there is hype and misleading marketing

I pride myself on conducting my business with integrity and serving the needs of clients with honesty and knowledge. 

I invite you to reach out to me with your skincare questions and concerns.  Please call the office or contact me by email.  I am always happy to help!

Lori Weintraub is a licensed skin care therapist, holistic health coach and hair removal expert. She offers online consultations, skin care lessons, products and hand-holding guidance to help women over 40 regain their youthful glow.